BEAMS' Exclusive Jansport "Mixpack" Is Three Bags in One

When it comes to collaborations, few stores do it better (or more often) than BEAMS. Exclusives and special items are common for Japanese retailers, even the small ones, but BEAMS is in a class of its own, crafting countless bespoke goods each season from various partners. For Spring/Summer 2021, the brand has enlisted Jansport for a unique twist on the bagmaker’s “Right Pack,” stuffing extra pockets and bags into the compact design.

Bolstered by “Fifth Avenue” and “Mini Weekender” bags, the new “Mixpack” model offers true bang for the buck, giving wearers three styles of carryable, which can be removed and reattached at whim. There are also functional pockets added to the main backpack’s sides and a shifted front compartment to make room for the removable pouch. The Mixpack isn’t merely a playful design, however, as it also features the thoughtful addition of a nylon base in place of the usual suede to ensure that the bag will dry quickly in inclement weather.

The two Jansport Mixpack colors are available on BEAMS’ web store for ¥15,950 JPY (approximately $151 USD).

BEAMS only just recently served up a different style of exclusive bag by way of its newest Arc’terx collaboration.
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