BEAMS Taps Matsuzaki Bokken Workshop for a Bespoke Wooden Sword

For its latest specialty offering, Japanese retailer and label BEAMS enlists Matsuzaki Bokken Workshop for a bespoke red oak wooden sword.

Matsuzaki Bokuto Seisakujo, which translates to Matsuzaki Bokken Workshop, is a small family business founded by Matsuzaki Yoshinori who began manufacturing Bokken swords used for Kendo training in 1968. At 64 years old, he’s a second-generation master who runs the shop with his son and wife. This particular sword is made by hand from the red oaks of Southern Kyushu, and in addition to being a combat-ready sparring weapon, also serves as a standout interior ornament. A “Beams Japan” logo can be seen printed in black on the base of the handle.

The swords are now available online at the BEAMS Japan website.

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