Become a Curry Master by Enrolling in Japan's Curry College

Japanese curry is known to be tasty and sweet, ideal for those who can’t handle spices well. If you are a curry lover, you could turn your passion into a profession with the help of Japan’s Curry College.

Ranging from the cultural impact to the business operations of running a curry restaurant, the eight-month course will cover every facet of curries such as cooking and the history of the well-loved dish. Since 2014, there have been over 1,500 applicants. Curry College adopts a hybrid approach with webinars and face-to-face lectures for its courses – the “General” course, which is perfect for curry beginners, the “Curry Scholar” course, and the “Curry Audited Scholar ” course for the pros. You won’t get an actual degree from Curry College but you will comprehensively learn more about curry.

With a tuition fee of approximately $2,260 USD, the General course is now open for applicants through Curry College’s website. The semester will commence in November 2021, if accepted.

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