Bizarre circular ‘object’ spotted hovering above clouds sparks ‘alien’ theories

A bizarre huge white disc spotted floating behind clouds has left eyewitnesses in shock as they stare up at the sky.

The ‘object’, which looked to be bright white, was recorded as it appeared to hover above the city of Vélez in Colombia.

People in the clip look to be covering their eyes, as if the disc creeping out of the clouds was too bright to gaze at directly.

It is not clear when the footage was recorded in Santander, but it was uploaded to YouTube in the last few days.

Viewers have already been sharing their thoughts, with some suggesting aliens could be behind the weird sight.

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One viewer said: “I for one would find it hard to believe in aliens, but the planets do not lie.” 

While another added: “Each and every day something extremely weird happens on Earth. 

“It’s either man-made weather or UFOs.

And a third wrote: “Us as a world have the right to know what they’re doing with our skies.”

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