Bizarre reason why people can’t stop watching video of a man shaving his ‘balls’

If you’ve been on YouTube recently, you may have stumbled across something known as ASMR.

The letters stand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and the phenomenon sees people make videos featuring certain sounds and movements that can create a pleasurable ‘tingling’ sensation.

These videos are often used to help viewers fall asleep, or relax during a particularly stressful time.

Jumping on board the success of these videos, men’s grooming brand Lynx have created a range of ASMR tutorials to help men take care of their bodies – and hundreds of people have already given them a watch.

These ASMR ‘shavetorials’ specifically focus on three areas of the male form – the chest, legs and balls.

The quirky videos are intended to explore the "sensory experience of body hair removal" with a healthy dose of humour.

The series sees the host, Matthew, dressed in a white robe, before stripping down and taking people through the process of shaving various areas, using the brand’s 2 in 1 shower foam.

Microphones are set up around the bathroom to capture all of the sounds made – including whispers, tapping, foam being squirted from a can, soap suds and water running.

In one video, Matthew uses a pair of coconuts to demonstrate how to shave your "bean bag".

He instructs: "Depending on the fluffiness of your nut wig, you may wish to trim before you get started.

"These are some balls that I trimmed earlier, aren’t they lovely?

"Pull gently on the bottom of your man sack, so that everything is nice and taught. Take a clean shower razor, not one you would use on your face."

He adds: "You’ve got to be very slow and gentle, you don’t want to risk future generations."

Lynx claim their playful new campaign is designed to appeal to both young modern men seeking grooming advice and fans of ASMR.

Claire Fynn, Skin Cleansing Brand Specialist at Lynx, explained: "ASMR is a huge trend at the moment, with many people finding it relaxing and calming to watch.

"There’s been an increase in men looking for tips on grooming, so we’ve created a series of light hearted ‘Shower and Shave’ tutorials.

"We hope that guys will find them useful, whilst giving them the confidence to feel great too."

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