BLUE SKY LAB Debuts Sustainable Collection at Shanghai Fashion Week

The design lifestyle brand NIO Life debuted its sustainable fashion sub-label BLUE SKY LAB at this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week.

Aiming to merge the realms of sustainability and functional industrial design, the collection utilizes recycled vehicle-grade fabrics including seat belts, airbags and haptex BASF leather from automobile manufacturing. For its global debut, BLUE SKY LAB launched 59 environmentally conscious pieces centered around three chapters: “Urban, Energy and Exploration”.

As part of its showcase, the brand invited 11 NIO users from its wider community to walk its first ever runway. Ranging from eight to 71-year-olds, they include retired soldiers, former basketball champions as well as professional models, all interpreting BLUE SKY LAB’s attitude toward fashion.

Maintaining its mission to champion sustainability through fashion, the brand pledges to continue researching innovative environmentally-friendly materials whilst collaborating with global fashion designers and brands for future collections.

Check out BLUE SKY LAB’s Shanghai Fashion Week runway shots in the gallery above. Alternatively, for more information, you can visit the brand’s website.
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