Brain Dead Gets Cozy for Pre-Fall 2021

Brain Dead has returned with its Pre-Fall 2021 “Drop 4” collection, celebrating the season’s layering options. Pieces throughout the collection are inspired by the colder days ahead, with a particular focus on warm sweaters, three-quarter zips and hoodies.

A stand-out is the green and pink Brain Dead-branded fuzzy sweater, while other key pieces include a tie-dye style corduroy jacket and patterned reverse fleece sweatpants. Elsewhere, the label has continued its graphic focus, with a wide range of tees all sporting various Brain Dead imagery and other motifs.

To capture the Pre-Fall 2021 collection, Brain Dead has partnered with Dutch photographer and visual artist Paul Kooiker for the campaign. All of the items are shot on mannequins, showcasing Kooiker’s signature style and the way he embraces imperfections in his process.

The collection will launch on September 28 via the Brain Dead web store, as well its Fairfax, Harajuku and Brain Dead Fabrications store.

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