Can you spare just a minute for the legendary Larry?

And now it’s time for our Radio Column Just a Minute Quiz. Our next contestant is you. Ready? Okay, let’s begin:

Who’s the greatest legend of the Irish airwaves?

Larry Gogan.

How long has he been a legend? Well the family dog is named after him in The Commitments, published in 1987 – so a pretty long time.

Why is he such a legend?

Because he’s a consummate professional, a living encyclopaedia of pop music, a thoroughly nice chap and an all-round good egg.

Professional how?

Larry introduces the records, plays the records, and afterwards, tells you who that record was from. Sounds straightforward enough, but you’d be surprised how many modern DJs are incapable of fulfilling the basic requirements of their job.

Can you give us some specifics?

They natter over half the song, give their unwelcome opinions on everything and anything, or try to be funny and – groan – “wacky”. Larry doesn’t do any messing.

What other services does he provide?

He reads requests, gives weather updates and periodically slips in interesting tidbits on various performers and classic hits – what year it was released, say, or that such-and-such had an unprecedented ten number one singles in a row. When Larry speaks, he actually has something of value to say.

Anything else?

He has the enthusiasm, energy and good cheer of a man half his age. (Maybe even a third.)

How could his broadcasting style be described?

Larry is the definition of a gentleman – he always strives to make the listener feel comfortable, welcome and at their ease.

How does he usually sound?

Like a man contented in his world and happy to be of service.

Where can he be heard?

On The Larry Gogan Show, 2FM, Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 2.

What is its jewel in the crown?

The Just a Minute Quiz, of course.

Name three famous moments from the quiz?

The man who said Hitler’s first name was “Heil”; the woman who said the Taj Mahal was “opposite the dental hospital”; the ill-tempered man who told Larry to eff off when he fared poorly.

Does he have a catchphrase?

“They didn’t really suit you today.”

Is he a national treasure?

He certainly is.

Will his show continue to air until time itself ceases to exist?

We hope so.

And you got 12, 13, 14…15! They suited you today, well done. Now here’s a classic from the 80s to play us out…

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