Canon Introduces Its Longest RF-Mounted Telephoto Lens

Canon is now introducing the brand’s longest RF-mounted lenses.

Arriving in either 800mm or 1,200mm focal lengths, the two new lenses are optimal for sports and wildlife photography, especially for photojournalists on the go. The RF 800mm F5.6 L IS USM boasts a short focusing distance of just 2.6 meters and a close-up magnification of 0.34x, with 4.5 stops of shake correction, while the RF 1,200mm F8 L IS USM model pushes the minimum focusing distance just slightly further to 4.3 meters with 4.0 stops of shake correction. Both can extend their ranges too with a Canon extender, the former reaching 1,600mm and the latter at a whopping 2,400mm. They’re also relatively light for their performance: the 800mm option weighs just 6.9 pounds, and the 1,200mm option weighs 7.4 pounds.

Available this May, you’ll be able to purchase the two new Canon telephoto lenses over on Adorama, where they’ll start at $17,000 USD.

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