CIYCE Debuts Its Affordable Evolution 7.1-Surround Sound Gaming Headset

CIYCE has just released its affordable gaming headset on Kickstarter.

The 7.1-surround sound Evolution headset features 30 ms latency, is compatible with smartphones, the Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Mac/PC, has active noise canceling, and is the world’s first headset that can connect via three methods — Type-C + USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth5.1.

The headset also features removable ear pads (it comes with both synthetic leather and fabric covers), four ANC mics, and two ENC/call mics. The chat microphones are hidden inside the headset’s RGB LED housing that’s made to look like an alien’s head. Designed by gamers, the CIYCE Evolution can be backed now over at Kickstarter for $78 USD.

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