Co-worker divides opinion with reaction to overhearing conversation on night out

A woman who overheard her co-workers talking on a night out says she 'feels terrible' after reporting the conversation led to all three being fired.

When the department supervisor organised Friday night drinks, 20 of them headed out and 'everyone was having a good time'.

When the woman was on the way back from the toilet, she overheard one of her colleagues mention her name round the corner and says 'perhaps I shouldn't have eavesdropped, but curiosity got the best of me and I did'.

She then overheard three of the men make what they referred to as a 'hot list', ranking every woman in the department based on their looks from best to worst.

"I was upset and disturbed," she wrote on Reddit.

"Yesterday morning I tell HR and they state that they have a zero-tolerance policy for actions like this.

"All three men were fired first thing this morning, and now I feel terrible.

"I hated the way they were talking about women, but I didn't think they should be fired.

"With that said, we work for a large company that I know takes complaints like this seriously, so deep down I suppose I knew it was a possibility when I complained."

She adds that although no one in the office knows she was the one to report them, she has heard them refer to the person who told HR as a 'snitch'.

After posting about it online, she asked for advice on whether she had done the right thing.

When others suggested that she complained because she was 'low on the list', she replied to say that she had actually placed high on the ranking and wasn't upset by her placement, but was 'simply offended they were making a list in the first place'.

Her course of action divided opinion, with one writing: "Maybe if more men get fired for doing stupid s*** like that then they'll stop sexualizing their coworkers and behaving inappropriately in the office."

Another said: "So you ran to HR about guys making a 'hot' list when y'all were hanging out off the clock at the bar for drinks? Seriously?

"So you've never talked with your girlfriends about how hot guys are etc?

"You went 0 to 100 on this. You are the a**hole here."

Did she do the right thing?


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