Couple who lost engagement ring down sewer grate reunite with it on ‘Ellen’

A British couple who lost their engagement ring in New York City’s Times Square was reunited with the valuable item on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Daniella Anthony and John Drennan were in the popular tourist spot when the ring somehow slipped off her finger and fell down a grate, mere hours after he first proposed to her.

“We were walking back from a show. (I) went to grab Danielle’s hand just to look at the ring, and it slipped right off,” Drennan said on Ellen.

“So it was your fault?” quipped DeGeneres.

“Yeah, it was all my fault,” he replied, explaining that he was unsure of his future wife’s ring size. It ended up being a bit too big for her finger and was loose.

“So, again, your fault,” the host joked.

The couple went on to describe the mishap, saying it was “absolute devastation.” They spent a lot of time on the ground looking into the grate and trying to get it themselves.

Although the NYPD helped search for the ring on the first day, they didn’t find it. At that point, the newly engaged ringless couple thought that was the end of it and returned home to England.

Within days, they were back in New York and on the Ellen show after the host heard about the ordeal.

The two officers who helped search in Times Square came out from backstage and congratulated the couple before embracing them. Then one of the officers turned to them and said, “I think you dropped something.”

He handed Drennan the ring and the groom-to-be proposed for a second time, and of course she said “Yes.”

DeGeneres gave the couple a $10,000 cheque as another bonus. The couple is to be wed in 2020.

(Watch the ‘Ellen’ clip in the video, top.)

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