Dadbod Who? Watch Prince Harry Climb This Rope & Prove He’s Still in Fighting Shape

Prince Harry’s latest appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden has everyone talking, and rightfully so, for his candid and vulnerable look inside at life as a royal to fatherhood with baby Archie. (Even Meghan Markle had a brief,yet showstopping moment on the show via FaceTime!) And while everyone is praising the royal for being so open, we couldn’t help but make a quick observation shared by just about everyone online as we watched the royal complete a demanding obstacle course with Corden: Prince Harry is like… suppeeerrr fit and, well, we might have rewatched this clip of him one too many times. I mean, c’mon — this segment was basically a thirst trap coordinated by Corden himself, so can you really blame us? See below if you need to conduct some detailed research of your own.

Is anyone else feeling parched, or is it just us? As impressed as Corden is here, we also can’t help but be in total awe of the royal. The course (see full video here) was created to be reminiscent of Prince Harry’s decade-long stint in the military and it’s clear he’s still got it.

TBH, Corden had Prince Harry tackle some pretty challenging activities, but Harry was able to do it all and somehow make it look easy. If it weren’t for the host of the late-night show visibly struggling besides Harry we might have been convinced it was rigged. Throwing a spear, scrambling through a mud-filled lot, running with a heavy ball were all on the menu for Prince Harry.

Needless to say, people on the internet had some thoughts about Prince Harry’s physical abilities…thirsty thoughts, that is.

OK, we know there are more important things in the world but it’s quarantine, people! We’ll take our joy wherever we can find it. And right now, we can find it imagining Prince Harry doing push-ups.

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