David Shrigley Releases His Largest Book to Date

David Shrigley always looks for an alternative way to comment on daily life. Owls, raccoons, teapots, stamps — any and all subject matter that he whimsically subverts through minimal text and colorfully distorted figures.

Published by Chronicle Books, Shrigley has released a new book that compiles some of his most recent sketches. Entitled Get Your Sh*t Together, the publication is divided into specific sections, such as Stupid, Nonsense, Dirt, Fear, Paranoia, Love, and Self Delusion.

The book in some ways can be seen as a tangible adaptation of his Instagram feed — providing readers a compendium of cheeky and absurd illustrations that can be enjoyed in any order. Additional highlights of the book include a light blue ribbon marker with the quote: “IT WON’T BE LIKE THIS FOREVER.”

Spanning 240 pages, Get Your Sh*t Together is the largest publication on Shrigley’s work to date. The book is currently available to purchase for $35 USD at a variety of retailers, such as Amazon and Yvon Lambert.

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