Doctors treating girl, 8, with stomach pain find 3lb hairball in her stomach

A young girl who spent years chewing at her locks has had a massive 1.5kg (3lb) ball of hair removed from her stomach.

The eight-year-old, known as Feifei, had been eating her own hair since she was two years of age.

She told her mother that she had stopped the habit at the beginning of 2019.

But at the beginning of February, she fell ill for a week with symptoms of vomiting and severe stomach ache.

Her mother noticed Feifei’s swollen stomach and rushed her to Donghua Hospital in Guangdong, southern China, for treatment.

Dr Tang Shilong performed gastric lavage on Feifei to empty the contents of her stomach and could not find any food residue, reported Southern Metropolitan Daily.

He was astonished when he performed a CT scan on the girl and found a massive lump of hair tangled with food residue.

However, it could not be removed through endoscopy as it showed signs of calcification.

Dr Tang had to perform surgery and removed the 1.5kg (3lb) hairball from Feifei’s stomach.

"This hairball must have been in the stomach for years. The habit of eating hair is a typical symptom of pica, an eating disorder that leaves people with a tendency to eat non-nutritional objects," he explained.

Feifei’s mother had been trying to stop her daughter from eating hair and reminding her to stop putting hair in the mouth.

The girl is now recovering and starting to eat food.

The doctor reminded parents to keep an eye on their children eating unusual things.

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