Draw the Year Ahead

A more/less list helps you set your intentions for this new year.

By Julia Rothman

Twenty-twenty was a hard year for many people. Drawing is one way to remind yourself of some of the positive things that happened, the things that brought you joy, as well as the stuff you could do without in 2021. An illustrated More/Less list is a relaxed version of the classic New Year’s resolution list, and a way to envision the things you would like more of in your life, and the things you would like to dropf. Here’s how to do it:

Draw a line down the center of the space at righ. On the left, write the word “More”at the top. On the right, write the word “Less.” Now think of the things that you enjoyed this year (you can also imagine things that would bring you joy in the future). Once you have an idea, draw a simple icon to represent it and draw it in the More column. If you want more jogging in your life, maybe draw a sneaker. Do the same for the Less side: If you want less social media, maybe draw a phone .

These drawings don’t have to be realistic or well-rendered; they just have to be recognizable to you. Think of them as secret symbols that remind you of your intention. If you worry you might forget what you meant, you can label them with a few letters to remind yourself. It’s OK to make your symbols simple (a heart, a plus sign) or abstract (a scribble, an x). This is the year ahead for you!

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