EA Launches Anti-Cheating Technology for ‘FIFA 23’ on PC

EA is cracking down on cheaters with the launch of a new anti-cheat and anti-tamper solution. Coming first to FIFA 23 on PC, EA AntiCheat (EAAC) is a kernel-mode system that will make it virtually impossible for cheat techniques to infiltrate.

For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘kernel-mode’ refers to a central processing operating system that has direct access to all aspects of hardware. Kernel-mode protection is capable of detecting cheats that are largely invisible to other anti-cheat solutions.

EA’s Senior Director of Game Security & Anti-Cheat Elise Murphy described the necessity for anti-cheat software on games that are highly competitive and employ several different online modes.

“For single player-only titles, or titles without competitive ladders or leaderboards, the cheat landscape differs,” Murphy wrote in a blog post. “Depending on the title and type of game, we may implement other anti-cheat technology, such as user-mode protections, or even forgo leveraging anticheat technology altogether in some cases, opting instead to design the game to be resilient against certain types of cheats.”

Although EEAC won’t be used in all EA titles, it could be potentially useful for other competitive titles.

Murphy noted that EEAC will only be active while the game itself is running, so players don’t need to worry about the software interfering with other PC games. It’s also not designed so as to not interfere with gameplay so FIFA 23 should appear largely the same for most users.

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