Elaine Ng on daughter with Jackie Chan: This child is not mine

HONG KONG • It looks unlikely that Elaine Ng will have a Mother’s Day meal with Etta Ng, her daughter with gongfu king Jackie Chan.

In a long-running saga of disputes with the 19-year-old, former beauty queen Elaine, 45, posted over the weekend that she is totally disappointed with Etta.

She went as far as saying that “I’ve never given birth to this child” and that “this daughter is not mine”.

But showing that she could not entirely discard her maternal instincts, Elaine wrote that even if Etta chooses to do things her way, she must remember not to “do bad things”, but engage in activities that bring “happiness”.

Etta, who married Internet personality Andi Autumn, 31, last year, recently called her mother out for over-reacting after Elaine alerted the authorities that she could not contact her daughter.

Etta was embarrassed when the authorities sent a team to her apartment block, a move that got the neighbours gossiping about her well-being.

Portal hk01 cited Etta as saying that as Elaine has still not accepted Autumn, “we have not been in contact”.

Etta thinks that her mum should seek medical help and calm down emotionally so that both sides can try to reconcile.

But some observers say it is understandable why Elaine has often lost patience with Etta, who has made headlines regularly over her lifestyle choices.

Last year, the owner of a hostel in Mong Kok called the police when Etta could not settle the bill.

The owner told Apple Daily that Etta and Autumn – who relocated to Hong Kong after they married in Canada – woke up late every day and that they left their room in a mess.

The couple later went to Elaine’s home to seek help, a turnaround as Etta did not like her mother to control her life.

Etta, showing how she would rather suffer than give up her independence, said in a YouTube video last year that she and Autumn “pretty much slept under a bridge and other things”.

Elaine shot back then that her daughter should find work and not depend on others’ generosity.

But Etta told Apple Daily that she would not contact Chan for help.

The actor, 65, who is married to former Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-jiao, does not mention Etta in his recent autobiography, Never Grow Up, though he acknowledges his affair with Elaine that made the headlines in 1999.

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