‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Is First A24 Movie to Earn $100 Million USD Globally

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s Everything Everywhere All at Once, which stars Michelle Yeoh, is officially the first A24 film to earn $100 million USD at the global box office.

According to reports, the sleeper hit grossed $68.9 million USD in the United States and $31.1 million USD abroad; the top-earning territories are the United Kingdom with $6.2 million USD, Canada with $5.1 million USD, Australia with $4.5 million USD, Russia with $2.4 million USD, Taiwan with $2.3 million USD, Mexico with $2 million USD, Hong Kong with $1.7 million USD, Germany with $1.5 million USD and the Netherlands with $1.1 million USD. Its recent theatrical re-release, which included eight minutes of outtakes and a pre-recorded message from the Daniels, raked in $650,000 USD from 1,490 locations between Friday and Sunday.

This officially makes Everything Everywhere All at Once A24’s highest-grossing film so far, surpassing the Adam Sandler-led Uncut Gems‘ $50 million USD North American numbers and Hereditary‘s global box office total of $79 million USD. Variety adds that with its $25 million USD production budget, the film “looks to be one of the few independent films to turn a profit theatrically in pandemic times” as it only opened in a few theaters initially in order to amp up awareness and word-of-mouth before going for a wider release.

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