fragment design and RAMIDUS Run it Back With Another Holiday Bag Capsule

fragment design and RAMIDUS (formerly known as HEAD PORTER) are running it back this holiday season with a colorful collection of buffalo plaid tote bags. Following up last year’s duo of tartan plaid bags, this new collection consists of green, blue, red and purple plaid bags — all of which are constructed from a high-quality wool fabric.

Small, medium and large sizes of each bag were produced, all of which can be seen above, and though they differ in storage capacity they’re all brought together by two-tone jacquard weave handles adorned with a repeating logo print that shows both fragment design and RAMIDUS’ brand markings. Each bag also features a single snap closure for security.

If the blending of aesthetics between the two brands feels rather seamless, it’s by design: fragment founder Hiroshi Fujiwara was also a founding stakeholder of HEAD PORTER in 1998 and is still closely involved in RAMIDUS’ design and development today. Besides their holiday collections, RAMIDUS and fragment design have worked on several other projects in the past, including a set of Nexkin totes, jumbo-branded totes and “SUV ONLY” car bags.

Expect this special seasonal bag set to release via RAMIDUS’ e-shop and its retail locations across Japan on December 23.

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