Goldie Hawn Proved Age is Just a Number While Wearing Skintight Black Spandex & Jumping On a Trampoline

It’s the start of the week, and we’re in desperate need of some inspiration. Luckily, we don’t have to look any further than Goldie Hawn’s Instagram account. The beloved Oscar-winning actress is getting us energized for the week ahead with her latest video on the social media platform, in which she shares her exercise routine with fans while sporting a fitted spandex number.

“Hi everybody, this is keep your mind up Monday,” Hawn, looking workout chic in her black spandex tank top and biking shorts while sitting on a yoga mat, begins the video. “I’m going to keep my mind up for exercise. Come with me!” In the rest of the video, Hawn gave fans an idea of what her “light workout” looks like. First up? Getting warmed up on the trampoline.

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After some reps on the trampoline, Hawn suggests grabbing some weights — or bottles of wine! — and working your arm muscles. Following a quick walk, Hawn recommends settling down and showing yourself some gratitude with a few deep breathing exercises. We don’t know about you, but this seems like a great way to get the week started.

Hawn’s energy and effervescence completely shines through in this fun little video. We love that the actress shares this side of herself with longtime fans. Maybe her look-alike daughter Kate Hudson will join her mom for a workout soon? We can’t imagine a better duo to get us through a morning fitness routine.

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