Groom branded ‘crazy’ after list of wedding demands for his brother is revealed

When it comes to weddings, many people often assume that if anyone is going to act like a diva, it's going to be the bride.

But that simply isn't always the case.

Sometimes, the husband-to-be surprises everyone by turning into a complete and utter groomzilla, making unbelievable requests of those helping plan the special occasion.

One man has just been branded exactly that, after his younger brother revealed some of the outrageous demands he's come out with, ahead of the big day.

In a post on Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum, the unnamed man confessed that he might not be going to his brother's wedding anymore.

That's because the 28-year-old groom has become too demanding – making a whole list of things the younger guy must do.

This list includes, putting on weight, changing his hair colour and refusing to let him bring his boyfriend to the celebrations.

He said: "My brother is getting married at the end of May. First of all it's on my 15th birthday. I didn't say anything about that.

"Man, he went crazy over this wedding. Even his fiancé isn't worrying that much.

"So here's the list of requests for me: I have to wear suit he picked (It's beige. Beige makes me look dead. I'm really pale, still agreed though). I have to gain a few kgs because he said that I'm extremely skinny (not doing that).

"I have to talk to literally everyone. I have to take my ear piercings out. That are fresh and I'm sure they'll close up even if I take it out for one night. I can't bring my boyfriend, can bring anyone except him. Have to dye my hair back to my natural colour (I don't know what's unnatural about blonde)."

He added: "He was constantly reminding me of the rules yesterday, we fought about it and I said I wasn't going at all."

He then asked if he was in the wrong to do that – but people were quick to say he wasn't.

One person commented: "Yeah, don't go. Clearly your brother doesn't give a s*** about you. Tell him if what you look like is more important to him than your presence at his wedding, that you don't need a brother like that. He should accept you like you are. And you can't bring your boyfriend? Seriously? F*** that guy."

Another replied: "If it was just the suit it would be ok, but the fact that he expects his younger brother to also change his entire look and hid the fact that he's gay by not bringing his boyfriend makes the older brother a serious groomzilla."

A third added: "If he decides to go, he should dye his hair hot pink and bring an even more flamboyant gay man than his boyfriend, since he can bring 'anyone else'."

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