Haeckels' Fragrance Re-Launch Means Your Signature Scent Just Got Sustainable

Haeckels has been changing the skincare and wellness industry for over 10 years with its ecological approaches, and now it aims to double down on its earth-friendly initiatives with the re-launch of Haeckels Fragrance. With its roots planted in Margate, a local seaside town on the Kent coastline, Haeckels releases its localized scents that capture the spirit and mood of Dreamland — an amusement park — with notes of rose and burnt leather, while Reculver is anchored with cassis and neroli, a more classic touch for the village that has a Roman fort. Elsewhere, Pegwell is sweet with fennel and juniper.

But there’s more to Haeckels Fragrance than just scent, as each is geolocated with GPS codes that sit on the bottles as part of its design. Joining this is a glass structure, capped with aluminum, which utilizes UK glass manufacturers and metal made down the road from the brand’s Margate HQ.

It’s a design philosophy that now matches the newly-refurbished Haeckels store in Broadway Market, East London, which arrived as part of Haeckels’ 2.0. vision. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Haeckels launch if there wasn’t a positive change driving it: now, 55% less kg CO2e is emitted with this new packaging compared to previous iterations, helped by smaller packaging to reduce environmental impact.

Speaking on the project, Charlie Vickery, Managing Director, said:

“This launch represents another quantum leap forward for us as a brand; going back to the drawing board to redefine what sustainable packaging looks like focussing on miles traveled, ease of recyclability and the product’s overall size. Our fragrances are transcendent, and it’s incredible to see them elevated to new heights.”

Take a look at the Haeckels Fragrance collection in the photoshoot above, and shop the range in-store or online now.

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