Henrik Vibskov SS24 Looks Outside the Box

Henrik Vibskov’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection begins with the concept of a box: a literal cardboard box, the human mind’s categorical boxes, the unboxing of said boxes and the themes that surround each. Titled “The Unboxing Waltz Tutorial,” the line stylistically reinterprets the characteristics of these vessels, ultimately hunting to uncrate the physical and mental packages that belong to each — and it does so in the context of a boxing ring, highlighting the emblematic features of the sport.

The installation brought guests inside Vibskov’s version of the arena, where a “ring announcer” introduced each look, or “fighter,” as they took to changing boxing rings that were shaped by dancers performing the Unboxing Waltz. There, the collection took form, revealing a slew of artful takes that oftentimes landed, well, outside the box.

The collection, made from 83% certified fabrics, housed shirts and dresses that could be worn frontward or backward, referencing the spontaneity of unexpected deliveries. Woven cardigans, polos and bottoms were “in transit” or “out for delivery,” while myriad garments featured galvanized design details, including handle-shaped finishes and bubble-wrap-like textiles. These contrasted other silhouettes that relied on the straight lines and sharp corners of the box, and prints featured flat boxes, enlivened boxing rings and floral gloves. Further, a standout knit sweater centered the “delivery bird,” or a peaceful dove, with a purple-orange finish.

To top it off, the designer joined forces with jewelry purveyor Vibe Harsløf to craft a bevy of playful, handmade silver showpieces and accessories, including bandaid-shaped necklaces, nose pieces and earrings, as well as headpieces with cartoonish birds circling the wearer’s head.

See Henrik Vibskov’s SS24 collection in the gallery above, and stay tuned for more Copenhagen Fashion Week coverage on Hypebeast.

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