Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung turns up for crooner Fei Yu-ching's concert in Taiwan

When Hong Kong singer Gigi Leung went to Taiwan in 1997 to promote her first Mandarin album Short Hair, she attended several variety shows non-stop, including two appearances on The Fantastic Brothers.

The popular variety show was then hosted by Chang Fei and his younger brother, Taiwanese crooner Fei Yu-ching. Leung disclosed on social media on Thursday (May 16) that she appreciated the help given by Chang and Fei on the show, as her Mandarin was not very good at that time. It was also then that she experienced firsthand Fei’s soothing melodies.

Fast forward 22 years, and Fei, 63, is currently on a concert tour as he will be retiring from show business later this year.

Leung, 43, said that her Spanish husband, Mr Sergio Crespo Gutes, also fell in love with Fei’s songs after he caught the music video of Thousand Miles Away – Fei’s hit ballad. Fei has also performed a duet with Mandopop king Jay Chou for the song.

In a show of support for Fei, Leung and Mr Crespo went to Taiwan earlier this week to attend Fei’s concert. Leung added in the postscript of her social media post that Mr Crespo kept listening to Thousand Miles Away and late pop singer Teresa Teng’s songs after the concert.

Fei, who was in Singapore in March for his farewell concerts, will be returning in October for an encore show. Best known for his mellifluous voice as well as soulful rendition of songs such as A Spray Of Plum Blossoms, Watery Eyes and Good Night Song, he gained popularity in the late 1970s for performing the theme songs to several television dramas.

He is also known for cracking jokes on stage and impersonating other artists’ singing styles and stage demeanours.


97年剛從香港去台灣發展時,每天為宣傳《短髮》專輯馬不停蹄,所有能上的綜藝節目都去了,當時台灣收視率最高最紅的綜藝節目《龍兄虎弟》更去了兩次,而主持人菲哥和小哥的確非常照顧我這個國語還不是太靈光的新人,當時心裏感激之餘,也因此認識了費玉清大哥的歌聲。由於年代不同,一直無緣欣賞小哥的演唱會….怎料一轉眼,小哥就要告別了! 機緣巧合下,早前Sergio看過小哥《千里之外》的視頻,就說怎麼會有人永遠如此文質彬彬、歌聲猶如天使一般的美,我就找了一推他近期的早期的音樂、視頻給他聽(有些歌詞如詩如畫,翻譯那方面真考到我?),他一聽就難忘了。 這次來台灣支持小哥,一半是專誠向前輩小哥致敬,一半是滿足西班牙小粉絲的熱情。 PS:演唱會後續是整晚不停重播《千里之外》和鄧麗君老歌。 1997年《龍兄虎弟》節目連結? https://m.v.qq.com/play.html?&vid=v03817ltxoz&ptag=v_qq_com%23v.play.adaptor%233

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