IKEA Taps Olafur Eliasson for Solar-Powered "SAMMANLÄNKAD" Lamps

Continuing its core mission of developing helpful, well-designed, and innovative products for the masses, IKEA has announced a new collaboration with social business Little Sun, led by renowned Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen. The collection includes two solar-powered LED lamps, one for indoor use and one for on-the-go.

Titled SAMMANLÄNKAD, the collection aims to highlight the potential of solar power as an alternative energy source for everyday objects. The design for the table lamp was inspired by the earth’s orbit around the sun, with the light source shaped as a half-sphere. The effect of a shining sun is enhanced by the reflection of a mirror. The metal frame and its rings are adjustable and the light source can also be removed from the stand to be used as a torch.

The smaller portable lamp can be used in outdoor settings,  featuring a convenient yellow strap which can be hung on windows or a backpack during the daytime for charging.

“The collaboration with IKEA supports our mission to raise awareness for energy access and reminds us that we have the potential to co-shape our world,” writes Eliasson. “If we are to transition to a world powered by renewable energy in the next decade, we need everyone to recognise the opportunity of solar energy. Sunlight is seemingly invisible, but solar energy allows us to make the invisible visible”.

Little Sun is dedicated to giving more ppeople access to solar energy in communities without regualr access to electricity, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“With this collaboration, we wanted to spark a conversation around solar energy and put the power of the sun in the hands of the many people,” James Futcher, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden continued. “Our shared belief is that the possibilities of thoughtful design lie in its ability to create awareness and make a difference.”

The collection will be available exclusively at IKEA stores in April. Prices range from £11 GBP for the portable lamp to £80 GBP for the table lamp (approximately $13 to $100 USD).

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