Irish actress who dropped out of midwifery cast as midwife delivering Sharon Curley's baby in The Snapper

ACTING had always been a labour of love for Lauren Larkin.

However, in her forthcoming role as Sharon Curley’s best friend Jackie in the Roddy Doyle classic The Snapper, it has finally delivered.

After nine years studying to be a midwife, the Dubliner eventually threw in the towel to tread the boards full-time and will soon be helping deliver Sharon’s baby on stage at The Gate Theatre.

As a teenager Lauren (26), always had dreams of being an actress and used to walk past the theatre on her way to her placement at the Rotunda Hospital, thinking she would rather be working there than on the ward.

She said she was trying to be “sensible” but eventually dropped out of the course in Trinity to pursue acting full-time.

“I got in through the Access programme in Trinity. My mam and dad were a bit reluctant about acting as they wanted me to do something pensionable,” she said.

“My dad was a tiler and he knows how hard it is freelancing.

“I knew I’d be into the caring side so I went for it and I got the grades on the Access course to study the midwifery.

“I was avoiding the acting call, thinking, ‘I’m going to be sensible’.”

The acting bug bit the Cabra woman when she started attending Dublin Youth Theatre on Saturdays. Through DYT, she was eventually asked to take part in a show in 2010.

“I got asked to be in a show in the Fringe Festival and I was reluctant because I knew I had to study – but then I just said I’d do it,” she said.

“It was from then on I really knew I wanted to do acting.

“I’d go from rehearsals to night duty in the Rotunda, I’d put on my uniform and be walking up to the hospital looking at The Gate and just want to be there.”

This summer she was cast as Jackie in the Roddy Doyle story.

There was a lovely piece of serendipity, when she was cast in the additional role of midwife at the end of the play.

“I’d dropped out before I did the placement on the labour ward so it was gorgeous to finally do it this way,” she said.

Lauren, who is mum to son Robin, will be kept busy until August 24, with shows at 7.30pm Monday to Saturday, and matinee shows at 2.30pm Wednesday and Saturday.

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