It's Nothing But Gains With Nissin's New Protein-Packed Cup Noodle Pro

Always pushing instant noodle innovation, Nissin is back with another new product. While it is no secret that they have been looking to elevate the perception of instant ramen, developing a version with increased nutrients, this new Cup Noodle Pro does all that, and can also help you put on some muscle mass after the gym.

Cup Noodle Pro, Pro as in Protein, packs 15 grams of protein via an increased portion of Nissin’s meat, minced pork, shrimp, and egg with each cup. Those reducing their carb intake will also be delighted to learn that these instant noodles contain more dietary fiber for a reduction of carbs by 50 percent.

Available in Seafood and Original, the Cup Noodle Pro will be priced at approximately $2 USD and will be available on April 5.

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