Jacqueline Wong's sister slammed after scandal-hit actress 'escapes' to Los Angeles

HONG KONG – TVB actress Jacqueline Wong may have escaped the harsh glare of public scrutiny in Hong Kong now that she has flown to the United States but those in her inner circle continue to feel the heat.

Her sister, former ViuTV host Scarlett Wong, 37, was slammed over her posting of a photo that showed clear, blue skies, indicating her optimism for a new, brighter future for Jacqueline after her scandal.

A video of Jacqueline, 30, getting intimate with singer Andy Hui, 51, in a taxi shocked the Hong Kong entertainment industry. He quickly issued a tear-filled, public apology while Jacqueline posted that she was at a loss over how to explain her mistake to boyfriend Kenneth Ma, 45.

Fans, not ready to forget and forgive, said Scarlett’s post made a mockery of what had happened – hanky-panky between Jacqueline and a married man.

Hui is married to popular Cantopop veteran Sammi Cheng, 46.

One netizen rapped Scarlett, writing sarcastically: “After your sister behaved so disgustingly, she (just) wrote (an apology) and flew away. We can really feel her ‘sincerity’.”

TVB has confirmed that Jacqueline is on leave, with talk that she is in Los Angeles to pursue lessons in acting/directing.

She previously stated that she wanted to take such a step to develop her career.

Meanwhile, radio host Sammy Leung, 45, worried over his own career, has fended off talk that he is among the men whom Jacqueline reportedly brought back to her home.

The on.cc portal cited him as saying that while his wife trusts him, her friends have asked her about the speculation.

He told Apple Daily that he had never met the actress privately.

Leung added that Scarlett had apologised to him over the embarrassment caused to him.

Cheng, who said she has forgiven Hui, might need to clarify a rumour that threatens to affect her clean-cut image.

A Taiwan media outlet claims that she paid the taxi driver to record and leak the footage to punish Hui, and that she had known about his infidelity for a while.

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