Jameela Jamil's poo stories should be applauded as a lesson in self-acceptance

Frankly, for this she should be applauded.

Because sh*t happens to all of us. Life is not perfect.

We need more celebrities to talk about poo and share in the imperfections in their life. And sorry for the crass nature of this piece – actually, no, it’s poo.

We’re all too afraid to talk about it, and it’s high time we snapped out of it. Hold it in, and you’ve got a real mess on your hands. We’re talking about the conversation, btw.

You shouldn’t be ashamed if your body all of a sudden acts against you.

Last year, Jameela also shared a brilliantly horrendous story of losing her bowels in the middle of LA.

‘I shat myself all over the street on Santa Monica Blvd…in broad daylight,’ she said while talking on Jonathan Van Ness’ podcast Getting Curious earlier this year.

People thought she was a homeless person, so no one helped her.

‘People were literally running away from me in slow motion…from the crazy sh*t river lady, and I had to kind of climb in between two parked cars…I’m now crouching between two cars where I continue to laugh cry and sh*t…and piss.

‘I sit there for about two hours and no one will help me and I’m so scared I’m going to become a YouTube sensation because no one recognises me.’

She wasn’t done.

The sooner we embrace the fact we’re humans and walking, blubbery piles of atoms that sometimes malfunction the more accepting we may become of one another as a community.

‘Then it goes dark at 5pm, it’s November, thank god. It’s freezing. I took off all of my clothes, apart from my bra. I ran home, wearing only my sh*t, [down] seven Los Angeles blocks.

‘I had to run through the lobby of a lit-up five-star hotel, leaving my little sh*t footprints behind me and I had to run up 30 flights of stairs because obviously I couldn’t take the lift.’

Congratulations if you’ve made it to the end of these stories – I can imagine we’ve lost a lot of good men in the paragraphs that preceded.

But why? This isn’t toilet humour. She’s not talking about these stories because it’s a gag (again, wrong choice of words?) it’s because we need to have a more open conversation about the ridiculously embarrassing and horrendous moments in our lives.

We feel shame if we’re not as perfect as we think we should be – and celebrity has a way in influencing that.

There’s no denying Jameela’s got opinions, but you can’t deny the woman is leading a body positivity charge that needs to be applauded.

She’s all about encouragement to embrace ourselves and all our bodily foibles. By talking about the really not glamorous things (like pooing yourself in public, totally out of her control) she’s truly helping the rest of us, in my humble haven’t-sh*t-myself-in-public opinion.

I realise the act of publicly pooing isn’t what should be applauded – it’s the message that, should it happen, it’s okay. You’re not a monster.

She’s going further than the anti-airbrushing activism and is saying our eff-ups are often totally fine. And natural. And normal.

Instagram has created a filtered version of life, and so many of us look at celebrities and influencers as being these perfect beings that don’t poo themselves in public (or even in private) or make any sort of mistakes.

But they do. And the rest of us who don’t realise this are left trying to emulate this level of perfection that just isn’t possible.

Look, I’m not encouraging us all to go out and abandon our bathrooms in favour of your neighbourhood gutters. And I’m sure Jameela isn’t, either.

But it’s high time we all got a little more comfortable with the (literal) sh*t times in life and realise no one is perfect.

More stars need to share their stories of shameful malfunction and failure for the greater good.

The sooner we embrace the fact we’re humans and walking, blubbery piles of atoms that sometimes malfunction the more accepting we may become of one another as a community.

You really can’t argue with that.

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