Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Display of Marital Bliss With Ben Affleck Is Raising Some Eyebrows

What is it about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck that has people feeling in some type of way? For Bennifer fans, it’s all about having that love return to you after years apart. For their critics, the couple’s latest video reminds them of why it didn’t work in the first place. 

The TikTok clip shows Lopez sitting in Affleck’s lap while he chomps on gum (hey, fresh breath is a priority). They cuddled in as close as possible — awkwardly close to the camera lens — while a young British child is heard in the voiceover, “Girls, I did it! I’ve found the person that makes me the happiest I have ever been.” Sweet! It’s lovely that the two found their way back to each other, but the comments under the video are definitely a vibe. 


There are a lot of snarky, “until the next ring” types of comments, along with “ben, blink if u need help.” Even Lopez’s ex got a mention (which he probably low-key loves), “Arod dropped the ball.” Maybe the negativity is also a slight hint of ageism since she’s now 53 and Affleck is 50 — perhaps it feels like discovering your mom and dad have sex. Or are people just tired of them parading their love around in public?

Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of supporters who believe in their love story and rooted the dynamic duo on because we need happy stories in dark times. Of course, there are always TikTok users who are just like us who wrote, “anyone else run to the comments?” Indeed we did — and wishing Bennifer the best on their four months of marriage.  

Before you go, click here to see a complete timeline of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship.

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