Jil Sander+'s Arc'teryx Collaboration Is the Perfect Mix of Form and Function

Jil Sander and Arc’teryx have unveiled their long-awaited collaboration. Taking place under the banner of Jil Sander+ — the outdoors and performance-focused line launched in 2019 — the collection builds on the influence of “life outside the city.” This collection is the latest collaboration from Jil Sander+ since the line was launched, with previous projects including work with Birkenstock and Mackintosh.

Throughout the Jil Sander+ x Arc’tercyx collection, creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier have incorporated influences from skiing, snowboarding and mountain sports. This focus is referenced through a wide-ranging capsule that covers three jackets — one men’s, one women’s and one unisex — as well as bibbed trousers and a one-piece suit.

All of the pieces mix Jil Sander aesthetic codes with Arc’teryx functionality, with technical fabrics such as 3L Gore-Tex used alongside leather overlays and new shapes and silhouettes. All of the items come in the collection’s color palette, which features classic black and white as well as a blue-grey color inspired by glaciers.

To mark the launch of the collection, HYPEBEAST discussed its influences and origins with Jil Sander creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier.1 of 13

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HYPEBEAST: How did the opportunity to collaborate with Arc’teryx come about?
Lucie and Luke Meier: A mutual friend introduced us to some of the people at Arc’teryx a few years ago, and we have had an ongoing dialog since.

How does it align with your vision for Jil Sander+?
The product is uncompromising, of exceptionally high quality, and functional. We wanted to bring the Jil Sander aesthetic to the world of high performance outerwear, and Arc’teryx helped us to do that.

When you launched this line, you spoke of “life outside the city” and also your own upbringings. Why are they themes that you are keen to explore?
We both grew up skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and touring in the mountains, in Zermatt and Whistler respectively. The feeling there is something that we always want to return to. We love nature and the mountains, and to work on garments that could come with us to these places was very special.

How do they influence this collection?
Our experience in the mountains as well as the engineering and technical knowledge of Arc’teryx were important in realizing pieces that work, and also have a Jil Sander visual.

This collection focuses on skiing, snowboarding and mountain sports. Are those things important parts of your life?
We try to get into the mountains as much as we can. Living in Milan, we can get to the Swiss Alps quite quickly, which is a bonus.

How is their influence felt through the collection?
Unparalleled engineering. They have had many years of innovating and refining product in the technical space, so without a doubt this knowledge was essential to the realisation of the pieces.

Through your Jil Sander+ collections you’ve collaborated with a number of brands. Why is that something you wanted to do?
Jil Sander+ is about expanding our Jil Sander aesthetic into a lifestyle in nature. It is important that the garments we make are functional, but they also have a strong and refined design language. Working with different partners helps us to realise some products that we would not be able to make in the same way on our own.

Do you see a commonality between those brands?
Exceptional quality, respect for the product and the process of making, and a deep knowledge of how to make at a very high level.

The Jil Sander+ x Arc’teryx collaboration is due to launch on November 10, and will be available from the Jil Sander web store, the Arc’teryx web store and select retailers across the world.
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