JW Anderson Focusses on Fun for its FW22 Men's and Pre-Fall 2022 Women's Collection

Focussing on fun, JW Anderson has returned to share its Fall/Winter 2022 men’s and Pre-Fall 2022 Women’s collection. Armed with Jonathan Anderson‘s progressive outlook, the shared seasonal range explores, “Parties that never were, parties that will be. Cherished moments of happiness clash and collide in a silly fantasy of unabashed fun.”

Through a shared outlook fueled by “glaring, sparkling, saturated and fun,” styles serve to break barriers of gender and taste. Youthful flair accents the mix in a bright and bold subversion of norms while establishing proudly masculine and wickedly feminine wares for all.

Unexpected silhouettes and detailing dominate through neckerchief hems, remnants of a parka, rubber bands knitted into a top, polo dress with a hoop and more. While the unconventional is continued with nonsensical peacoats, leather and chains in knits, hula loop polos and a take inspired by life vests. Serving as a cohesive tie for the collection are silly accessories like a pigeon bag, circular purse, kindergarten shoes and draped pumps.

Check out the runway imagery above and catch the video of JW Anderson’s FW22 Men’s and Pre-Fall 2022 Women’s collection show below.

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