Kayleigh McEnany Is ‘Fully Inhabiting An Alternate Reality,’ Seth Meyers Says

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is living in a Fox News alternate reality, according to Seth Meyers.

During a segment on Fox News about President Joe Biden’s fall in approval ratings amid the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and a spike in COVID-19 cases around the country, McEnany claimed that under his predecessor Donald Trump, “You didn’t see crisis after crisis.”

“You just didn’t see it,” she said. “I shudder to think about what COVID would have been like under Joe Biden.”

On “Late Night” Wednesday, Meyers said that McEnany had made it clear she’s fully inhabiting an alternate reality.

“Well, she’s right about one thing. You didn’t see crisis after crisis if you were watching Fox,” Meyers said. “More than 400,000 Americans died from COVID under Trump. Also, he got it, and his rallies and White House parties were superspreaders. Trump personally helped spread more disease to more people than a community swimming pool filled with water from the East River.”

Meyers also noted that Trump’s time in office was a nonstop crisis event.

“To say Trump didn’t cycle through crises after crisis is to ignore that much of his inner circle got indicted, his Cabinet had like half a dozen corruption scandals, he praised Nazis, kidnapped migrant children, fired or tried to fire the people investigating him, got caught paying hush money to a porn star, incited a violent insurrection to overthrow an election, helped Saudi Arabia cover up a murder, single-handedly caused the longest government shutdown in American history and told the Boy Scouts a story about yachts and New York parties,” Meyers said.

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