Korean rapper Iron gets suspended sentence for assaulting girlfriend

SEOUL – An appeals court has upheld rapper Iron’s 2016 sentence of eight months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, after a lower court found him guilty of multiple counts of assault.

The Seoul Central District Court found Iron, 26, guilty of assaulting his girlfriend on several occasions, including an attack during a sexual encounter, reported The Korea Herald.

He was also ordered to perform 80 hours of community service.

Iron was booked without detention in September 2016 after punching his girlfriend in the face while they were having sex. The police report said he had done so for “not listening to his requests”.

The following month, when she tried to end the relationship, he strangled her and hit her in the face multiple times.

The police found that he issued threats to stop her from reporting his violence to the authorities, at one point injuring himself with a kitchen knife and saying he would blame it on her.

The court also censured Iron for revealing her identity in media interviews and publicly calling her a masochist.

“The victim is suffering tremendous psychological pain, on top of the physical ordeal she has undergone,” the court said. “She continues to appeal for severe punishment.”

Iron was convicted in November 2016 and the prosecution appealed the sentence, seeking a year of actual prison time.

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