Kpe Innocent Instills a Sense of Calm at The Hole NYC

Kpe Innocent is a self-taught Ghanaian artist who creates universally relatable scenes that strive to imbue a sense of calm in the viewer. Having studied journalism, the Accra-based creative found his way into the art world by independently studying a variety of movements and figures, such as the Bauhaus school and Minimalism, to David Hockney and Geoff McFetridge.

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The Hole NYC just unveiled a new solo exhibition by Innocent called “you know what, you are loved :)”. In each of the 10 square paintings, the Ghanaian artist depicts a featureless semi-autobiographical protagonist who is seen chilling from scene to scene. Slightly melancholic and injected with a pinch of pop-cultural references, such as the Nike logo seen about, Innocent’s compositions appear more geometric than figurative — stressing the architecture of the scenes along the warm palette made primarily of ochre, burnt sienna, dusty reds and rusty oranges.

“you know what, you are loved :)” is on view at The Hole NYC until May 7. In case you missed it, the gallery recently opened a new location in Los Angeles which will play host to a new show by Jonathan Chapline on April 14.

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The Hole NYC
312 Bowery,
New York, NY 10012
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