LA Foodies Discover Today’s Specials with VanMoof

It doesn’t take a biking obsessive to see that VanMoof e-bikes come out on top among inner-city locals. Bringing together streamlined frames with lightweight materials and – coming off its Hiroshi Fujiwara collab – a number of slick designs too, they fit perfectly to the dynamic city lifestyles.

For this latest two-part series, in collaboration with Hypebeast, the Dutch brand looks into the many ways the bike is used through the lens of foodies. The first installment discovers how the S3 and X3 models are providing efficiency to avid exploration of cuisines in the sun-soaked city of Los Angeles.

In a place where healthy living plays a part in both eating and traveling, artist Kristina Holcomb considers herself somewhat of a wellness fanatic. But as she regularly munches down on poke, vegetables and rice at Hawaiian-meets-Korean eatery Broken Mouth, she finds that the fresh and nutritious flavors are simply her go-to. Holcomb heads to the humble food spot on the S3 as a break from her painting, “If I’m always inside the house, especially living in a city, a bike is the way to go,” she says. “Not only does it get me where I need to be, it reminds me to explore.It helps with my mental health.” Boasting LED illumination, Holcomb also finds night-rides to Broken Mouth a meditative journey too. 1 of 3

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Hypebeast/ Nathan Perkel3 of 3

Hypebeast/ Nathan Perkel

For Sunday’s Best founder Harley Suarez, his X3 bike is a means of transporting him to the Nicaraguan vendor LA 27th Restaurante. “When you step inside the amazing smell of the food kicks you back to Nicaragua. It’s my reminder of home 3,000 miles away,” he says. Suarez recommends the smooth bike ride to any city-based foodie. With its sleek frame, kick lock system and extra agile handling he adds, “It makes it easy to cut through traffic especially in the metropolitan area.” It’s an efficient way to get to his order – or get stuck into making – a plate of La Fritanga, gallopinto, carne asada, queso frito.

Aside from ease of travel and keeping a sound mental state, VanMoof’s e-bikes provide a useful post-dinner cruise. When model and plant consultant Jerrod La Rue demolishes a tray of beef ribs, brisket and pork rib tips at Texan spot Bludso, the S3 equipped with an automatic gear e-shifter is there to “burn off all the necessary calories.” It’s all part of the wholesome experience he enjoys with friends, “With bbq sauce all over your face and meat stuck in your teeth, I believe you bond twice as hard with the friends you eat bbq with.” With a belly full of soul food, they “transcend to the next dimension” on their bikes.

Stay tuned on Hypebeast for the second installment in the series where VanMoof hits London.

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