Listening to the Best Songs of 2018

Not all artists can sustain the energy required for a full album. Some people thrive three or four minutes at a clip (or in the case of some recent hip-hop, 90 seconds). There is no judgment there — different modes for different folks.

This year, as the album continued its decline — a victim of the internet, the playlist and the diminished attention spans of billions — songs felt like they mattered more than ever. So the pop music staff of The New York Times gathered to listen to some of the tracks on the pop critics’ best-of-2018 lists, and a few of our other favorites from the past 12 months.

On this week’s Popcast:

Jon Pareles, chief pop music critic for The New York Times

Joe Coscarelli, pop music reporter for The New York Times

Caryn Ganz, pop music editor for The New York Times

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