Masked Singer NZ episode 6: A possum in the headlights and the Avengers Assemble

Hold the freakin’ Nokia phone. Episode 6 is here with a change so drastic I simply cannot ignore it.

The budget freeze is over and the wardrobe department has been allowed to purchase a can of metallic spray paint from Bunnings and update their Look Sharp masks to silver and I am absolutely living for this glow-up.

They say variety is the spice of life and after this spicy move I might need an antacid.

While tonight we are set to lose another celeb, we already know who the winners of the evening are. Both Rhys and Ladi6 served hat looks so hot, they would probably fog up Monster’s eye – again.

I think we also need to take a moment to acknowledge how genuinely nice these judges are. They wear the things, laugh at the jokes and promo each other’s shows. Honestly, it’s refreshing to watch contractually obliged celebrities like each other.

Tonight it was Possum who was up first, and judge James Roque was complimentary of her “good mic technique”. Her Supré bustier dancers were back, sans mohawk and instead, they were sporting a Captain America mask and bucketloads of enthusiasm.

“If all the possums on my farm could sing like that I would be laying less traps and more tiny stages,” praised Darby and his hat, and honestly we agree.

Monster and his alluringly raspy voice were back singing Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy and it was a total vibe.

The guesses were in, Sharon Casey – who looked smoking hot tonight – guessed All Black Caleb Clarke. A somewhat confused Darby guessed Mike King, Ladi6 guessed Joseph Parker and Roque guessed Kings and Troy Kingi.

Jellyfish was next and prior to tonight, I was sure I had this celeb caught until she stung me with her genuinely phenomenal performance.

Then came Sheep, who also had me stumped. But there was a nagging bit of my brain telling me that I know the husk of that voice from somewhere, and it wasn’t from belting Delta Goodrem too hard on SingStar.

Casey guessed actor Temuera Morrison, Darby – who seriously is the glue holding this show together – told a story about his goats and then picked Oscar Kightley. Ladi6 went obscure as always, before settling of Matiu from Six60 or brother Niko Walters, who both sound nothing like the Sheep. Roque finished off with a bold second vote for Temuera Morrison.

And tonight it was Possum that was sent home by our judges and of course under the mask was Shortland Street actress and social media funny lady Grace Palmer.

Palmer, who might have out-niced Suzy Cato, made us fall in love with her as she thanked the show for having her, like a kid thanking their mate’s parents for letting them come over and play.

The biggest take from tonight’s episode is that Palmer’s stepdad is Kiwi legend Jason Gunn, and I am utterly disappointed that she wasn’t in a Thingee costume, the most iconic piece of Kiwiana of all.

• The Masked Singer NZ screens on Three on Sundays from 7pm and Mondays from 7.30pm

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