McLaren's All-Electric Odyssey 21 Extreme E Buggy Explores the Future of Racing

The British automotive company McLaren may not have joined the luxury SUV market in tandem with Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, and more, but it has stepped into the world of Extreme E racing with its new XE truck, dubbed the Odyssey 21.

Extreme E is an all-electric off-road series that is comprised of five races, but there’s more to it than just title-winning. The showcase also explores the future of racing, given that the cars are electric and highly powered meaning it’s a good way for companies to test out their technological advancements — perhaps meaning that McLaren could be looking to electrify its supercars in the near future.

As for the Odyssey 21 itself, its buggy shape has been covered in a livery penned by Vic Lee — who can be seen on Instagram working his magic on the truck by hand — and of course, it is also served in a bright orange hue as per the McLaren aesthetic.

It will be driven by the world-famous rally racer Tanner Faust and McLaren’s first female driver, Emma Gilmore, following the car’s showcase at the ongoing COP26 talks in Glasgow, Scotland.

Take a look at the McLaren Odyssey 21 XE race buggy above, and stay tuned to HYPEBEAST and HYPEBEAST Car Club for more information.

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