Mercedes-Benz Reveals Official Images of Its EQS Electric Interior

Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed a more detailed look ats latest EQS electric luxury sedan’s interior.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS is the brand’s all-electric luxury sedan, featuring sleek, futuristic designs both inside and out. The EQS offers a dashboard spanning across 56-inches, contemporary interior design, elegant upholstery as well as a selection of “soundscapes” that ensures the driver receives an on-par luxury auditory feedback, as well.

The EQS not only fuses functionality with design and high-tech connectivity, but it is supported by artificial intelligence that elevates all sensory experiences for all EQS passengers. The evident highlight of the electric vehicles is situated front and center. Stretched across the entire dash is Mercedes-Benz’s new Hyperscreen. The monolithic glass sheet spans across the entirety of the front passenger area, featuring multiple screens that enable what seems to be an intuitive set of entertainment and cabin controls. When not in use, the Hyperscreen offers a selection of various ambient backgrounds. The interior lighting also complements the background selected.

Recently, Markus Schäfer, COO of Mercedes-Benz Cars released a statement saying, “At Mercedes, we are striving for nothing less than leadership in the field of electric mobility and digitization through an intelligent platform strategy and a software-based approach. The new EQS shows we are following our own Mercedes path by offering customers a highly-efficient, electric, and luxurious experience with our electric vehicles.”

The exterior of the EQS appears to showcase a fastback rear and a generously-sloping roofline that gives the EQS a genuine sport-luxury vibe. The futuristic exterior jas a single arcing line, termed, “One Bow” line that gives the car a modern silhouette.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS is expected to release in Europe by August 2021 with worldwide release rolling out shortly after. Check out the sleek interior above.

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