Microsoft Challenges Google With AI-Powered Bing Search Engine

Microsoft has entered the AI chat. After Google unveiled its AI Chatbot “Bard,” Microsoft is challenging its rival with a new update for its Bing and Edge browser that sees both powered by a ChatGPT AI.

Microsoft has announced in a blog post that it will begin using AI to create a new way for users to browse the web. The new version of Bing will feature AI-enhanced features. Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella said, “AI will fundamentally change every software category, starting with the largest category of all – search. Today, we’re launching Bing and Edge powered by AI copilot and chat, to help people get more from search and the web.”

According to Microsoft, Bing will be upgraded to be an “AI-powered co-pilot for the web,” meaning that the information delivered to users will be infused with the language from Microsoft partner OpenAI. Bing will also be receiving a new chat window where it will help deliver advice for travel, shopping and even trivia games. It will also perform tasks like consolidating and summarizing PDFs and even generating LinkedIn posts. At the launch event, Nadella said, “All computer interaction is going to be mediated with an agent helping. We’re going to have this notion of a co-pilot that’s going to be there across every application.” Using the chat technology, the AI system is able to offer more breadth to complex questions.

There appears to be great interest in AI as of late. Chief Consumer Marketing Officer at Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, said that since the company announced its AI bot, “We saw the largest jump in relevance in two decades.” Bing currently holds 3% of the search engine share while Google holds 92%. Those interested in giving it a try can preview the new version of Bing on and sign up to get on the waiting list for a limited number of Microsoft prepared queries.

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