Monster, winner of Masked Singer contest, is rapper T-Pain in disguise

LOS ANGELES – Could the Monster be R. Kelly, given that his reputation has been sullied by allegations of sexual abuse of women over the years?

His name was among others – including Sean Penn, Russell Crowe, P. Diddy, Jamie Foxx and Lenny Kravitz – thrown up by many netizens and the judging panel as the Monster stormed his way through the rounds of reality show The Masked Singer, where the contestants wear masks and costumes.

The link to Kelly probably stemmed from one clue given: “I learnt the hard way that it takes just one slip to make you lose your place in the world.”

But on Wednesday (Feb 27), when the Monster squared up against the Bee and Peacock in the finale, after nine other rivals had been weeded out, the Monster ended up as champion, and was revealed to be rapper T-Pain.

In second spot was Peacock, or Donny Osmond in disguise, and whose clue noted “it’s been a while since your mum had a poster of me on her wall”.

The Bee was unmasked as Gladys Knight who was said to have “won about 10 Grammy awards”.

Wednesday’s results will no doubt provide a monster assist for T-Pain who has just released his new album called 1UP.

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