Mum shares clever £2 hack that gets stains out of whites – using odd ingredient

A mum has shared a ‘genius’ washing hack which removed stains from grubby whites – using a surprising product.

Ashley Baxter, from Scotland, shared her clever tip on Facebook where it was widely shared by other parents vowing to try the tip out for themselves.

The mum shared how a £2.20 solution used to sterilise baby bottles, Milton Sterilising Fluid , left her whites sparkling.

After trying to get a stain out of her daughter’s school shirt to no avail, Ashley decided to try out a cleaning tip she saw on a Mrs Hinch fan page.

She wrote: "OK so I’m slightly embarrassed to post this, but!!

"As little kids explore, spill foods, paints etc, I saw a tip on Mrs Hinch page about Milton steriliser fluid, (Mrs H hasn’t done this, I tried it after seeing on a fan page it takes stains out)."

As she had some to hand, she thought she’d try out the solution, which is a mild form of bleach.

The mum posted before and after pictures where the shirt is visibly much whiter.

Ashley added: "I’m about to go do all her shirts and white tops now.

"Although it hasn’t taken the permanent market off it’ll be fine under a dress."

After her discovery was shared over 15,000 times, people were quick to ask for more info about the tip.

Ashley updated her post with further details about the method, writing: "1 part Milton 3 part water in a large mixing bowl with boiling water.

"Soak for 2 hours then wash on a white wash."

People praised the cleaning method, with one person commenting: "I’ll be buying a bottle of that stuff!"

Another added: "I do this with my shower curtain too. It’s amazing."

The solution costs just £2.20 – so it’s definitely worth a try if you’re struggling to get stains out of white items.

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