New York Sunshine Teams With Reebok for a Basketball Hoop Installation Made From Upcycled Materials

New York Sunshine has kept a busy agenda all-year long with various projects related to apparel drops and art installations, and the latter has expanded with a fresh initiative with Reebok. The two parties have joined hands on a new basketball hoop installation that’s entirely crafted with upcycled materials that’s titled ‘Courting Greatness” and inspired by Allen Iverson‘s Question Mid.

The new sculpture features three different hoops, all of which are stacked on top of the other and manufactured with different materials. At the peak of the piece is a 24 second shot clock while a metal backboard and what looks to be a cut out of a barrel sits just beneath. Next in line is a circular wooden plank that is paired up next to an actual white hoop with a chain net. At the bottom, a Dupont styrofoam board that’s cut out with Swiss cheese-like holes is placed in the back while a circular tube is utilized as the hoop. Additionally, wooden crates affix to the brick wall in the background to hold everything place and a paint bucket that is used to hold an actual basketball is seated towards the right side.

If you’re in NYC, make note that the installation is on display now at 29 Fifth Ave. in Brooklyn until August 20.

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