Niantic's New 5G Game Demo Shows Off the Capabilities of AR Gaming

Niantic, the gaming company responsible for the massive success of Pokémon Go, has unveiled a new game heavily based on AR gameplay enabled by 5G — Codename: Urban Legends.

The title is a multiplayer game that lets you team up with other players to cast magic spells on monsters. As shown in the teaser, the game looks to be highly immersive, letting you move around to dodge enemy spells while trying to land some of your own. Niantic has already partnered with major cell service providers, like Deutsche Telekom, Globe Telecom and Verizon, to test out network strength. So far, it appears you can have at least 10 players on your team at the same time without significantly affecting the gaming experience. Niantic aims to further enhance the network strength, though, and hopes improvements will help players save battery life.

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