Nintendo Direct leaker teases new DS and Wii remakes – plus Mario vs Donkey Kong

More Nintendo Direct leaks from a reliable insider have people thinking the new F-Zero’s actually a battle royale.

According to rumours, there’s going to be a new Nintendo Direct this month but while nothing official has been announced the surprisingly detailed leaks keep coming.

The last time Twitter user Pyoro predicted one, a Nintendo Direct happened that very week, and more recently they’ve been teasing announcements for a new F-Zero and Donkey Kong. Over the weekend, they shared a bit more info on both, as well as a claim that the Direct will feature remakes of a DS and a Wii game.

They give no hint as to what these remakes are, only following up by saying that they’re related and the DS one doesn’t involve Donkey Kong.

The replies on Twitter are filled with attempted guesses (some less serious than others), but it’s suspected that the two games in question are the Another Code duology, a pair of point ‘n’ click adventure games.

The only other tease Pyoro shares is a tweet written in Japanese that, according to Google Translate, says ‘It’s finally Princess Peach showtime.’ This presumably refers to the untitled Peach game that Nintendo announced in June.

Pyoro’s solid track record means these rumours should be taken seriously, although it’s unclear whether the Donkey Kong game is the 3D one first rumoured years ago or merely a prelude to it.

All that’s left now is for Nintendo to announce a date for the Direct, so don’t be surprised if that happens in the coming days.

In fact, there may be an additional clue that one is imminent, given that Gotham Knights has just been rated for the Nintendo Switch by the ESRB age rating board – which could be announced as part of the Direct.

Whoever says no name reveal for that game should delete their account before getting banned from fami next week

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