'Oh God, I'm brutal' – Questions didn't really suit hilarious quiz contestant on Ryan Tubridy's radio show

A quiz contestant on Ryan Tubridy’s RTE Radio 1 show entertained listeners this morning with his hilarious, but mainly very wrong, answers to Christmas-themed quiz questions.

Thomas, from Palmerstown, was on the M50 on his way to sell flowers outside the gates of Palmerstown Cemetary as he attempted to answer five questions in order to win a prize from Arnotts department store.

Another caller, Fionnuala from Roscommon, took part in the quiz first and answered her five questions with ease, winning herself a Miele oven or washing machine to the value of €1100.

When Tubridy then asked Thomas if he was “ready to rock” he replied, “I am, but I’m going to be brutal.  I only got two of them.”

He was not wrong.  Thomas was stumped by the first question, “How do you say ‘Merry Christmas in Spanish” which was a pretty tough one to start.

Tubridy tried to help him out by telling him it is the phrase used in a Christmas song, the only Christmas song that has a Spanish title, but eventually he resorted to telling Thomas it “rhymes with Police Navidad”.

Thomas answered his next question, “Pigs in blankets are what wrapped in what”, correctly but was once again stumped by the third; “What colour Christmas did Elvis Presley sing about?  You’ve got to get this,” said Tubridy.

“Cold, cold Christmas,” said Thomas.

“It’s a colour Thomas,” said Tubridy.

“Oh, a colour…”

“I’ll have a hmmmm Christmas without you,” sang Tubridy, adding, “If you say something rude what colour would that be?  In the old days you’d say the movie was sort of….”

“Crap?” replied Thomas.

An exasperated Tubridy said, “Mother of… it’s a colour. What colour is crap?  It’s a colour!”

“White,” said Thomas.

“That’s Bing Crosby.  I’m talking about Elvis Presley,” said Tubridy.

“He wouldn’t be a big fan of mine,” replied Thomas.

“Yeah, well he probably hasn’t heard of you Thomas,” said Tubs. “What colur do they traditionally say, and it’s probably gender offensive, that boys like rather than girls?

“White? Pink? Oh God I’m brutal!”

“You are, in fairness, I’m not going to lie to you!” said Tubridy.

Eventually, with a little more help, “What colour is the sky on a nice day?”, Thomas answered “blue”.

Tubridy asked Thomas if he wanted to keep going and he said he did.  His next question was to name the movie after Tubs played a clip from A Muppet Christmas Carol.

Thomas answered, “That’s The Grunge, is it?”

“The Grunge?” asked Tubridy.  More clues about the title rhyming with ‘Fuppets’ etc ensued.

“I might be better if I get off the M50,” suggested Thomas.

“Yes, it’s the M50’s fault!” replied Tubs.

Thomas did answer his final question correctly with a clue, and Tubridy said, “I think you might have won an orange.”  Thomas did in fact win €300 worth of Charlotte Tilbury make-up.

“I’ll need it to cover my red face,” he joked as Tubridy commended him for being such a “good sport” and reminded listeners how tough it is when you’re on live radio.

You can listen to the full hilarious exchange from Ryan Tubridy’s show on RTE Radio 1 show this morning here:

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