Online petition urging United Nations to drop Priyanka Chopra as goodwill ambassador

MUMBAI – Netizens have declared war on Indian superstar Priyanka Chopra.

The actress, who was appointed a United Nations goodwill ambassador in 2016, has been attacked for posting her support of an Indian airforce bombing of suspected terrorist sites in Pakistan last month.

They have launched an online petition calling on the UN to remove Chopra, 36, from ambassadorial duties, which included visiting camps in Bangladesh housing Rohingya refugees last year.

The petition states: “Someone as influential as Priyanka Chopra, who has a massive following globally, must know how war is never the solution…

“War destroys the life of innocent people on both sides of the border and must be condemned at any cost. Considering her role as the ambassador of child rights and education for girls, Chopra needs to learn a lesson on how devastating the impact of war can be, especially for children.

“She must realise the significance of the position she holds and United Nations must take back her ambassadorship since she is neither an ambassador of goodwill nor peace.”

The petition had drawn more than 90,000 signatures, as of March 4.

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