Our Favorite Photos of Celebrity Couples at the Grammy Awards, Then & Now

As our favorite musicians’ love lives have waxed and waned over the years, their Grammy Awards red carpet partners have shifted too. After all, this is no Friday date night — this is the big leagues. And when you know those photos will live on forever, you want to make sure you’re really sure before you face the flashing cameras as a couple. As a result, we’ve seen many of the most iconic celebrity relationships memorialized on the Grammys red carpet over the years, both those that have lasted — like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, or Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban — and those that haven’t — like Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert or Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Looking back on celebrity couples at the Grammys over the years, we can’t help but remember how much our favorite artists’ lives have changed, even if their partner has stayed the same.

Between the photos of couples in the ’90s and the 2020 show, it’s crazy how much has changed. It’s not just the fashion, the hairstyles, and the music that have evolved over the years but the celebrities themselves who are constantly growing into older and wiser versions of themselves while we watch them with pride. Yes, some of these photos might break your heart, like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West all over each other in 2015, but others will warm it, like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s red carpet evolution over the years.

Read on to see celebrity couples who took the Grammys by storm from 1999 to 2020: the exes, the forever loves, and everyone in between.

A version of this was originally published in 2021. 


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